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How we can help:


We help promising teams bring their dreams into reality by sharing broad experience of our fund with the teams and allowing them to benefit from capabilities of the Softline group and its many partners.

SVP provides steadfast support to its portfolio companies in the following five areas:

Strategic management

We assist them in developing strategies which are then carried out in the course of business and can be amended at the regular meetings of the Board of Directors of the portfolio companies.

Lifelong learning

Teams which embark on new projects may lack innovative entrepreneurship skills. SVP helps them solve this problem using its own resources or hiring experienced consultants.

Administrative support

We also offer legal and accounting support to the portfolio companies. If necessary, they can be also provided with office premises.

Public Relations

We held our portfolio companies build relationships with media and provide for the coverage in leading Russian business media. Our fund also helps them participate in industry events.

Marketing and Sales


Our portfolio companies get full access to the Softline sales channels (60 thousand customers in 30 countries) and cooperate with the marketing team of the Softline group in the preparation of marketing materials, leads generation and cross-sales.

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Winners of OPORA for IT Accelerator Announced

On the starting day of SPIEF 2018, accelerator organizers announced two winners of the first draft that will share the prize of 7 million roubles.

On 23 May the Russian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum (the starting day of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum) held the awarding ceremony for the winners of OPORA for IT, the first accelerator organized by OPORA ROSSII and Softline Venture Partners (SVP). The winners are OREG and Orion. They will share the prize of 7 million roubles that includes grants from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE), a partner of the accelerator.

OPORA for IT accelerator is a joint project by Softline Venture Partners and OPORA ROSSII. It started in September 2017 and aimed to support projects in such areas as cloud technology, mobility, information security, Internet of Things (IoT), digital technologies, LegalTech, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The first draft had 16 teams, and the acceleration programme took three months – between February and April 2018. The accelerator was actively supported by Skolkovo IT Cluster, IBM, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) and other partners that include leading foundations and companies, media resources and colleges.

The final part of the programme took place on 27 April, when 12 teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Surgut presented their products and the results of their three-month long efforts to IT experts, business angels and venture funds representatives. At the end of the contest, the jury selected two winners:

● First place and the top prize of 5 million roubles went to IREG project team. IREG is a management system for intellectual property rights.

● Second place with a 2 million prize was awarded to Orion project team. Orion is a biometric digital provider.

On 23 May the Russian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Forum and the awarding ceremony were attended by Andrey Shubin, Executive Director of OPORA ROSSII; Elena Volotovskaya, CEO of SVP, Dmitry Polyakov, Deputy CEO of SVP, as well as representative of 10 other teams that made it to the semi-final.