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We help promising teams bring their dreams into reality by sharing broad experience of our fund with the teams and allowing them to benefit from capabilities of the Softline group and its many partners.

SVP provides steadfast support to its portfolio companies in the following five areas:

Strategic management

We assist them in developing strategies which are then carried out in the course of business and can be amended at the regular meetings of the Board of Directors of the portfolio companies.

Lifelong learning

Teams which embark on new projects may lack innovative entrepreneurship skills. SVP helps them solve this problem using its own resources or hiring experienced consultants.

Administrative support

We also offer legal and accounting support to the portfolio companies. If necessary, they can be also provided with office premises.

Public Relations

We held our portfolio companies build relationships with media and provide for the coverage in leading Russian business media. Our fund also helps them participate in industry events.

Marketing and Sales


Our portfolio companies get full access to the Softline sales channels (60 thousand customers in 30 countries) and cooperate with the marketing team of the Softline group in the preparation of marketing materials, leads generation and cross-sales.

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Russian startup for robotic automation of office employees electronic Robotics attracted $500 000 from Softline Venture Partners Fund and other investors

Founded in Russia, a startup in the field of robotic automation of office staff electroNeek Robotics, attracted pre-seed funding in the amount of $ 500,000. USA. The round was attended by institutional investors – funds I2BF Global Ventures, Softline Venture Partners and YellowRockets.VC, as well as business angels who previously participated in the financing of the company, including Anton Litvyakov and investment office of Sergey Dashkov.

electroNeek is RPA platform that can recognize and read information from documents (e.g., bills, invoices, contracts) and automatically store it in a corporate system (e.g., 1C), a cloud-based SaaS-solution, generate reports and letters. electroNeek is able to quickly and without errors perform almost any office routine, which can be described by the instruction.

The introduction of electroNeek allows automating about 80% of repetitive actions at the computer of sales, Finance, or HR employees, significantly increasing productivity. The implementation of the 10-minute operations with eleсtroNeek takes about 30 seconds. Flexible JavaScript integration allows electroNeek to significantly reduce the cycle of technology implementation and reduce the final cost of implementing RPA in client companies, as well as to involve a large number of integrator partners in its ecosystem.

Clients of electroNeek are both companies from the SMB segment and corporations. The largest organization, which currently employs bots electroNeek, has more than 200 000 employees. In early 2019, the company successfully started international sales.

"Robotics technologies are becoming more and more popular. The global RPA market in 2018 amounted to $ 600 million. It will reach $ 3 billion by 2022. US, – says Elena Volotovskaya, Vice President for investments Softline and head of the Softline Venture Partners. – The share of SMB in the RPA market in the US is about 30% of the total volume and tends to be ahead of the enterprise market by 2022."

The regional partner network of authorized software integrators electroNeek has more than 80 companies in the USA and Europe. electroNeek is a strategic partner of Softline in the creation of the "robotics Ecosystem".

"The funds raised will be used to accelerate the development of a control and monitoring system for the joint work of a group of software robots, integration with additional office applications, and consolidation in the US, Russia and Kazakhstan markets," commented Sergey Yudovsky, founder and CEO of electroNeek Robotics.

Earlier, at the end of 2018, the company has already attracted external funding for the launch of the software product. In the spring of 2019, electroNeek Robotics became a member of PwC Accelerator, where it received high ratings from international experts. In addition, electroNeek is supported by Microsoft for Startups and NVIDIA Inception Program. The largest technology partners electroNeek are Yandex. Vision and Abbyy.

electroNeek Robotics was founded in 2017. The company employs 15 people, offices of electroNeek Robotics are located in New York, San Francisco, Moscow, Novosibirsk, and Nur Sultan.