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How we can help:


We help promising teams bring their dreams into reality by sharing broad experience of our fund with the teams and allowing them to benefit from capabilities of the Softline group and its many partners.

SVP provides steadfast support to its portfolio companies in the following five areas:

Strategic management

We assist them in developing strategies which are then carried out in the course of business and can be amended at the regular meetings of the Board of Directors of the portfolio companies.

Lifelong learning

Teams which embark on new projects may lack innovative entrepreneurship skills. SVP helps them solve this problem using its own resources or hiring experienced consultants.

Administrative support

We also offer legal and accounting support to the portfolio companies. If necessary, they can be also provided with office premises.

Public Relations

We held our portfolio companies build relationships with media and provide for the coverage in leading Russian business media. Our fund also helps them participate in industry events.

Marketing and Sales


Our portfolio companies get full access to the Softline sales channels (60 thousand customers in 30 countries) and cooperate with the marketing team of the Softline group in the preparation of marketing materials, leads generation and cross-sales.

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Softline Ventures and Moscow Seed Fund announced a 12 million ruble investment in Soica

Softline Ventures and Moscow Seed Fund announced a 12 million ruble investment (a little less than $200,000 at the current exchange rate) in Soica, a publisher of document digitization solutions.

Soica is already a resident of the SKOLKOVO IT cluster.

The Soica solution is based on the idea of maximum automation of the document digitization process within the framework of the streaming data input system operation with minimal costs: quick setup and preparation of the system, flexible approaches to operation, convenient sorting and classification of documents (by type, attributes), data extraction from documents of any quality and type. Soica has absorbed many years of experience in building streaming data entry projects, including the study of competitive solutions, and provides the user with both old and completely new approaches. Soica plans to use the received investments to scale the business - to improve the technology platform of the service and to expand the sales team.

The raised funds will allow the company to improve the current product in a fully web-based cross-platform solution. It is planned to implement an open portal solution for small volumes of digitization, as well as the development of a convenient mobile application for small packages of documents.

The objective of the project for the next 4 years is to have more than 50 regular customers among large Russian companies, to achieve a market share of 20% in the corporate segment and 10% in the SMB segment (medium and small businesses), as well as to start sales in new markets for Soica abroad.