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How we can help:


We help promising teams bring their dreams into reality by sharing broad experience of our fund with the teams and allowing them to benefit from capabilities of the Softline group and its many partners.

SVP provides steadfast support to its portfolio companies in the following five areas:

Strategic management

We assist them in developing strategies which are then carried out in the course of business and can be amended at the regular meetings of the Board of Directors of the portfolio companies.

Lifelong learning

Teams which embark on new projects may lack innovative entrepreneurship skills. SVP helps them solve this problem using its own resources or hiring experienced consultants.

Administrative support

We also offer legal and accounting support to the portfolio companies. If necessary, they can be also provided with office premises.

Public Relations

We held our portfolio companies build relationships with media and provide for the coverage in leading Russian business media. Our fund also helps them participate in industry events.

Marketing and Sales


Our portfolio companies get full access to the Softline sales channels (60 thousand customers in 30 countries) and cooperate with the marketing team of the Softline group in the preparation of marketing materials, leads generation and cross-sales.

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ActivePlatform Listed as a Representative Vendor in Recent Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Service Brokerage Report

ActivePlatform, the market player in automated cloud service brokerage systems announced today that it was listed as a representative vendor in Gartner's Market Guide for Cloud Service Brokerage (1).

Gartner identified ActivePlatform as a representative platform vendor in the Cloud Brokerage Service Platforms category. "The key cloud service brokerage (CSB) roles are aggregation, integration, customization and governance."

According to Gartner, Cloud service brokerage (CSB) "is a role and service offering of growing importance that enterprises must adopt as a key element in their journey to a hybrid IT operating model. Sourcing and vendor management leaders should look for external expertise when employing cloud service brokerage models…

CSB has established itself as a critical component of a successful hybrid cloud strategy…

As cloud adoption becomes mainstream, enterprise leaders are turning to their trusted managed service providers (MSPs) for cloud brokerage functions for their hybrid IT needs when they cannot perform the function themselves."

The key is for the managed service provider (MSP) to make the multi-cloud marketplace available, and to ensure its administration and integration is as frictionless as possible. ActivePlatform has developed a platform with a cloud provider-facing marketplace and an enterprise-facing storefront that is designed to meet these needs.

ActivePlatform feels it is best positioned for cloud providers, industry-wide enterprises, and governments in developing and emerging markets, and for under-served niches in mature markets.

Read full news on ActivePlatform website>>